We want to help create a healthier community, improve the overall success of Hoquiam students, and prevent them from using alcohol and other drugs. What that looks like in practice is events, partnering with local businesses and our school district, and sponsoring positive, best practice programs in our area.

Some of the programs we are proud to be a part of are listed below:

PAX Good Behavior Game:

The Good Behavior Game (GBG) teaches students self-regulation, self-control, and self-management. It teaches students to “flip on” their internal focus switch, required for any learning. It also teaches students how to work toward valued goals, and how to cooperate with each other to reach those goals. Students who participate in GBG will learn how to self-regulate during both learning and fun.

Guiding Good Choices:

The GGC program is an interactive, multimedia curriculum that uses a variety of strategies to teach new skills, including modeling in videos; role-play; guided, small and large group discussions; and home practice activities. It can be licensed from the University of Washington as either a 1-year or a 3-year renewable membership subscription for one or more people with a discount available for larger groups.

After Prom Breakfast:

We created this event to encourage Hoquiam teens to choose a safe way to have fun after the dance. For the past two years, we have partnered with Simpson Avenue Grill to host, and feed HHS students after prom. From 11pm-1am, students who attended the dance can hang out, win prizes, and enjoy a free breakfast donated by local churches. 

Grizzly Prevention Squad (GPS):

Grizzly Prevention Squad is a student oriented club at Hoquiam High School, focused on educating our community on substance abuse and mental health awareness. You may already be aware of some of their many activities. They are responsible for the “Think Twice” bottle tagging campaign, reminding adults 21 and over not to provide alcohol to minors. Also, Project Purple nights at Hoquiam basketball games, where HHS students sign their pledge to make safe decisions and stand up against alcohol and other drugs. And most recently they ran their first “R U OK? Fun Run for Mental Health Awareness.”

Grizzly Fusion:

Grizzly Fusion is a mentoring program geared toward Hoquiam freshman, in hopes that they will have a smooth transition into high school. This research based intervention seeks to motivate freshman to perform better academically in their first year. Older HHS students called Fusion Leaders are assigned a group of 9th grade students to mentor.  By making connections, leading discussions and activities, and providing tutoring services, they help their mentees to achieve higher performance. 

5th Quarter:

A partnership with our local YoungLife, 5th Quarters are a safe place for HHS students to gather after home football games. Music, food, and games create a space where we hope students can come together and have fun.

Positive Social Norms:

Our Bring it Up campaign seeks to influence the perception of the community.  Our data shows us that most teenagers don’t use illicit substances and most parents don’t think it is ok for their teens to use illicit substances. By framing facts with the data that we have we hope to challenge the misconceptions and change the culture around underage substance use.

Second Step:

Second Step is a social-emotional learning program that helps schools to become supportive, successful learning environments uniquely equipped to encourage children to thrive. Second Step takes a holistic approach to create a more empathetic society by providing education to professionals, families, and the larger community. Schools that use Second Step strive to create a sense of safety and respect grounded in the social-emotional health and well-being.

LifeSkills Training:

LifeSkills Training (LST) is a multi-component substance abuse prevention curriculum addressing social, psychological, cognitive, and attitudinal factors associated with the use of various legal and illegal substances. LST’s primary objective is to enhance the development of basic life skills, personal competence, and skills related to resistance to social influences that promote substance use. The program consists of three major components that teach students: (1) general self-management skills, (2) social skills, and (3) information and skills specifically related to drug use. More than a dozen studies have consistently shown that LST dramatically reduces tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana use, reduces polydrug use, and decreases use of inhalants, narcotics, and hallucinogens. 

Hoquiam Hero:

The Hoquiam Hero award was created to recognize people who are directly impacting the youth and community of Hoquiam through their time, involvement, and dedication. The honorees selected serve as role models of good character and strong sense of service, going above and beyond in their passion for making a positive influence in our community. You can find a list of our current heroes on the “Hoquiam Hero” page. 

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